House Update

Brierley House System

Every child from Reception through to Year 6 has been put into a house, which they will represent during their time here at Brierley. In order to help with the organisation of the houses, House Captains have been appointed from Year 6. The house names were chosen as they are all names of famous Cheshire landmarks.

The four houses will compete over the school year in various sporting and academic activities, with the House collecting the most tokens being crowned as winners for each term. Tokens will also be awarded for positive behaviour, excellent attendance and class work.

About the House system:

The idea of introducing a House system stemmed from wanting to address some objectives to improve our whole school:

  • To offer ALL children the chance to take part in extra-curricular activity (some are unable to stay after school).
  • To bring a sense of pride in belonging to a house and to enjoy the “friendly” competition between houses. More opportunity for pupils to experience both winning and losing (life skills!).
  • To be used as a positive behaviour tool – individuals can collect points from teachers.
  • To reward excellent attendance with house points.
  • To offer more leadership and organisational opportunities to Year 5/6 pupils.

The house names were selected in order to offer class teachers the opportunity to produce work based on the houses. The cross-curricular links could include: History, Geography, Art, Design / Technology, English and ICT.

In addition to the appointed house captains, we have assigned each member of staff to a house.

We organise house events for all years from Reception to Y6. For KS2, the House Captains (with guidance!) will be responsible for selecting and encouraging pupils to participate in the house events.

House tokens for each event / activity will be awarded as follows:
1st = 4 points 2nd = 3 points 3rd = 2 points 4th = 1 point

Mr Foulkes collates and keeps the scores updated throughout the school year. The children love our house system and the opportunities that it provides.

Want to know more? Every month our school newsletter is updated with reports from house competitions.


The last few weeks of our house cup competition began with the Year 5/6 Speedbounce Competition. Each house had 6 pupils taking part and the winning house was the one with highest total number of bounces. There were some very impressive individual performances- Mia Dixon (Anderton) and Lola Burke-Hurley (Jodrell) both scored 41 and we had 3 pupils break the 50 bounce mark. Suzie Faddes (54) and Mason Owen (55) both aided Delamere’s cause with superb scores but the winning score was 57 from Harry Poynton (Tatton). The overall winners were ANDERTON (207 jumps), ahead of Jodrell (205 jumps), Tatton (180 jumps) and Delamere (160 jumps). Well done to the winning Anderton team: Mia Dixon, Lacey Mai Mellor, Rubi Masser, Augustin Balaz, Joshua Entwistle and Ashton Bradley-Hawkins.


Year 6 were in action again, this time with a Chest Push Competition. The pupils had to take turns to chest pass a netball as far as they could towards three zones (3m, 5m and 7m). They scored 3pts for 7m+, 2pts for 5-7m and 1pt for 3-5m. After a steady start of 1-point and 2-point shots, the pupils seemed to warm up and we started to push the 3-point zone. Ashton Bradley-Hawkins (Anderton) was the first to score 3pts and he repeated it moments later. Valeri Eftimov also broke the 7m barrier for Jodrell. After 12 rounds of competition the scores were added up to form our results… JODRELL were our winners with 20pts, with Anderton sneaking runners-up with 15pts, just a single point ahead of Tatton. Delamere finished in 4th place but put in a decent effort and were unlucky to not score higher. Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Ethan Cambridge, Valeri Eftimov, Angel Banks-Scott and Toby Wood.


On Tuesday 7th December we held a Noughts & Crosses competition for Year 4- this was a more traditional Noughts and Crosses competition that the Year 5/6 competition, as each house played 3 games against each other to try to decide a winner. In the first round Anderton narrowly squeezed past Tatton 1-0 and Jodrell beat Delamere 2-1. Round two saw Anderton and Delamere play out a 1-1 draw and Jodrell show their class in a 2-0 win. Jodrell made it a full house by beating Anderton 1-0 with the final move of the final game clinching the win. In the other match, Delamere beat Tatton 2-0. This meant our overall winners were JODRELL (4pts), with Delamere and Anderton collecting 3pts for finishing joint 2nd and Tatton collect the single point for 4th place. Well done to the winning Y4 team of Jensen Lindsay, Joseph Proudman and Amelia Banks-Scott.


Year 4/5 took part in a Chest Push Competition on Thursday 9th December and with every point becoming more precious as we neared the end of the term, the teams were pumped up and ready to go. We followed the same format as the Year 6 event earlier in the month, but with the scoring distances slightly reduced. We had two pupils throw over 6m and score maximum points- Harry Poynton (Tatton) and Joshua Blackshaw (Jodrell). Our overall winners were TATTON who scored 31pts, ahead of Jodrell (29pts), Delamere (26pts) and Anderton (23pts). Well done to the winning Tatton team: Franek Slusarczyk, Harry Poynton, Jake Coombs, Michelle Isiama Mba, Denisa Neagoie and Lily Tough. Thank you to Ethan Cambridge and Lacey Mai Mellor from Year 6 for helping out.


Our Year 6 have been working hard on their Netball skills this halfterm in their PE lessons and they rounded off with a House Netball Competition on Friday 10th December. Tatton and Jodrell both gained positive starts with both achieving 1-0 wins against Anderton and Delamere respectively. However, Anderton bounced back to beat Jodrell 2-0 and Delamere stunned Tatton with a 1-0 win. This meant we were all level going into the final round of games. Anderton grabbed a late winner thanks to Hari Rock against Delamere and Jodrell squeezed past Tatton in the other game, thanks to a goal from Lola Burke-Hurley. Anderton and Jodrell finished level on points and needed goals scored to split them, with ANDERTON taking the overall win and the 4pts. Jodrell claim 3pts and Tatton and Delamere both collect 2pts for 3rd place, as they finished with an identical record. Well done to the winning Anderton team: Hari Rock, Lacey Mai Mellor, Ashton Bradley-Hawkins, Olivia Bozek, Mia Dixon and Daria Munteanu.


On Tuesday 14th December we had the Year 6 Connect 4 Competition at lunchtime. Each team had 3 players and we played a round robin tournament to determine the winning house. Anderton and Jodrell both won 2 out of their 3 games to qualify for the final, with Delamere and Tatton winning one game each and playing off for 3rd place. In that game it was Tatton who came 3rd and take 2pts, with Delamere taking the single point. In the final it was JODRELL who beat Anderton to the 4pts. Well done to Toby Wood, Baylee Biddle and Valeri Eftimov.


Tuesday afternoon we had Year 2/3 take part in a Netball Skills Competition in their PE lesson. The first challenge tested their passing and pivoting skills as they had to get the ball from one end of the playground to the other as many times as possible without dropping it. Challenge two was a simple shooting game, with the team scoring the most declared as our winner. In Mr Saville’s class it was DELAMERE who were our winners with 11pts overall, ahead of Tatton (10pts), Anderton (9pts) and Jodrell (7pts). In Mrs Cunningham / Miss Byford’s class it was ANDERTON that were our winners with 16pts, ahead of Tatton (12pts), Jodrell (11pts) and Delamere (7pts). This meant our overall winners were ANDERTON (25pts) ahead of Tatton (22pts), with Jodrell and Delamere finishing joint-third (18pts). Well done to the winning Anderton team: Eduard Ciocoi, Ellie-Mai Entwistle, Kushal Gadde, Byron Gray, Bence Hideg, Benjamin Kubala, Noah Boulton, James Edwards, Bryan Hreha, Lexi-Mai Ashbrook, Loki Masser and Tyga-Lilly Wilcox. 


Thursday 16th December was our final day of competition and we held a Christmas Dodgeball Competition at lunchtime with 28 pupils from Y5/6 taking part. In the first round of fixtures, Anderton made a great start by beating Tatton 7-5 in a close-fought match and Jodrell were near perfect in their 7-0 win against Delamere. Round two saw Tatton recover to win 7-0 against Delamere and Jodrell were again in superb form to beat Anderton 7-1. The final round saw two close fixtures, with Anderton beating Delamere 5-4 and then Jodrell and Tatton played out a 3-3 draw. With the points added up it was JODRELL who won by a single point (4pts overall), with Anderton collecting 3pts, Tatton 2pts and Delamere 1pt. Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Lola Burke Hurley, Angel Banks-Scott, Amelia Banks-Scott, Amiee Taylor, Molly Wharton, Harry Tasker and Joshua Blackshaw. Thank you to Ethan Cambridge from Y6 for helping officiate.


Class Dojo Points:

w/c Monday 29th November: JODRELL (4pts), Tatton (3pts), Anderton (2pts) & Delamere (1pt).

w/c Monday 6th December: JODRELL (4pts), Tatton (3pts), Delamere (2pts) & Anderton (1pt).

w/c Monday 13th December: TATTON (4pts), Anderton(3pts), Jodrell (2pts) & Delamere (1pt)




Winners: JODRELL (97pts)

Runners Up: Tatton (88pts)

3rd Place: Anderton (83pts)

4th Place: Delamere (63pts)


Congratulations to everyone in JODRELL house for winning the House Cup this term. They were in second place for a large period of the competition, but since getting into the lead they have really kicked on and won by a convincing margin!


The points will be reset and we will start our Spring Term Competition with lots of different, exciting activities to take part in and we will see if Jodrell can retain their crown or if one of the other houses can get their house colours on the trophy! 


Mr Foulkes