House Update

Brierley House System

Every child from Reception through to Year 6 has been put into a house, which they will represent during their time here at Brierley. In order to help with the organisation of the houses, House Captains have been appointed from Year 6. The house names were chosen as they are all names of famous Cheshire landmarks.

The four houses will compete over the school year in various sporting and academic activities, with the House collecting the most tokens being crowned as winners for each term. Tokens will also be awarded for positive behaviour, excellent attendance and class work.

About the House system:

The idea of introducing a House system stemmed from wanting to address some objectives to improve our whole school:

  • To offer ALL children the chance to take part in extra-curricular activity (some are unable to stay after school).
  • To bring a sense of pride in belonging to a house and to enjoy the “friendly” competition between houses. More opportunity for pupils to experience both winning and losing (life skills!).
  • To be used as a positive behaviour tool – individuals can collect points from teachers.
  • To reward excellent attendance with house points.
  • To offer more leadership and organisational opportunities to Year 5/6 pupils.

The house names were selected in order to offer class teachers the opportunity to produce work based on the houses. The cross-curricular links could include: History, Geography, Art, Design / Technology, English and ICT.

In addition to the appointed house captains, we have assigned each member of staff to a house.

We organise house events for all years from Reception to Y6. For KS2, the House Captains (with guidance!) will be responsible for selecting and encouraging pupils to participate in the house events.

House tokens for each event / activity will be awarded as follows:
1st = 4 points 2nd = 3 points 3rd = 2 points 4th = 1 point

Mr Foulkes collates and keeps the scores updated throughout the school year. The children love our house system and the opportunities that it provides.

Want to know more? Every month our school newsletter is updated with reports from house competitions.


The Summer term began with beautiful sunshine for our opening events of the new competition, with Tatton, Anderton and Delamere all trying to break Jodrell’s grip on the house cup. We started the term with two Beanbag Golf events. Year 6 were up first on Wednesday 20th April and we had 17 pupils taking part. The competition sees pupils trying to throw a beanbag over a distance of 25m, avoiding different obstacles and getting the beanbag into the bucket with the fewest number of shots they can. A ‘par’ score for each attempt was 3, so anyone scoring a 2 was doing extremely well! We did have two people who completed the course in 2 shots- well done to Darryl Mangisi (Delamere) and Mckinley Utting (Tatton). Our overall winners with a score of 35 shots were TATTON (4pts), ahead of Jodrell on 37 shots (3pts). Just one shot behind on 38 were Delamere (2pts) and Anderton finished on 41 shots (1pt). Well done to the winning Tatton team: Mckinley Utting, Mackenzie Roberts and Jake Haig.


Year 4/5 took part in their Beanbag Competition on Thursday 21st April and having watched the Year 6s the day before, they were keen to show off their throwing skills! They followed a similar course layout to the Year 6 competition and we had two people who were able to record scores of 2 shots. Well done to Tony Craciun (Anderton) and Natan Czuczalow (Tatton). Our overall winners were DELAMERE with a score of 54 shots (4pts), with Jodrell finishing as runners up on 58 shots (3pts). Tatton shot 61 to take 2pts ahead of Anderton who ended on 66 shots (1pt). Well done to the winning Delamere team: Ruby Hunter, Natalia Majdanik, Summer Ivey, Mason Owen, Errol Clay and David Ion.


On Monday 25th April Y5/6 were involved in the Rounders Bat Challenge. Each child had to perform as many consecutive hits of the rounders ball as they could and the total would be added up for each house. The scores understandably improved with the more practice they had and we had some excellent individual scores. For Tatton, Harry Poynton, Jake Coobs and Natan Czuczalow all top-scored with 4 hits. Ashton Bradley-Hawkins was the top scorer for Anderton with 7 hits, Molly Wharton scored 4 hits for Jodrell and our overall top scorer was Kurtis Delahaye with an amazing 14 hits! In our team event, DELAMERE were our winners with a score of 63 (4pts), ahead of Anderton on 52 points (3pts), Tatton on 50 points (2pts) and Jodrell on 41 points (1pt). Well done to the winning Delamere team: Kurtis Delahaye, Darryl Mangisi, Mason Owen, Suzie Faddes and David Ion. Thanks to Valeri Eftimov and Ethan Cambridge for their help keeping score.


Athletics was our next theme, as Year 6 took part in Hurdles Races on Wednesday 27th April. We had teams of 4 taking part, with each child taking part in 3 races each. Hurdling can be a difficult technique, as you have to combine running and jumping at speed- we also added a rule in that if a hurdle was knocked down, you finished in 4th place for that race! Our individual top-performers were Elsie May Martin, Kurtis Delahaye and Darrly Mangisi, who all won 3 races each. Logan Richards, Baylee Biddle and Lacey Mai Mellor all won one race each. Overall it was DELAMERE who won with a score of 40pts (4pts), ahead of Jodrell on 31pts (3pts), Tatton 26pts (2pts) and Anderton 23pts (1pt). Well done to Elsie May Martin, Darryl Mangisi, Amelia Hughes and Kurtis Delahaye for being part of the winning team.


On Wednesday 4th May our Year 4/5/6 Girls took part in a football competition at lunchtime. Each house had 4 players in their team and took part in a round robin competition. In round one, Tatton opened with a 1-1 draw against Jodrell- Demi Taylor opened the scoring for Tatton before Angel Banks-Scott equalised shortly after. Some great goalkeeping from Evie Kennedy kept the scores level. In the other game, Anderton grabbed a 1-0 win against Delamere thanks to a goal from Lacey Mai Mellor. In round two Tatton made it back-to-back draws with a battling performance against Delamere. Elsie May Martin put Delamere 1-0 up before Evie Kennedy levelled the game. In the other match, two goals from Angel Banks-Scott were enough for Jodrell to beat Anderton 2-1. Lacey Mai Mellor scored the consolation goal for Anderton. The final round of games saw Anderton record a big 3-0 win against Tatton with a hat-trick from Lacey Mai Mellor securing the win. Angel Banks-Scott also scored a hat-trick for Jodrell in a 3-1 win against Delamere (Amelia Hughes with their goal). Overall it was JODRELL who came 1st on 7pts and take the overall 4pts. Anderton take away 3pts for runner-up, Tatton 2pts and Delamere 1pt. Well done to Angel Banks-Scott, Lola Burke Hurley, Molly Wharton and Sinead Entwistle who made up the winning Jodrell team! Thank you to Valeri Eftimov, Mckinley Utting and Darrly Mangisi for their help officiating.


Thursday 5th May saw our Year 5 & 6 Boys take place in a series of sprint and relay races. We started with the sprint races, with each house going head-to-head and two points on offer to the winner of each race, with a single point for 2nd. The winners included Harry Poynton, Logan Richards, Natan Czuczalow (all Tatton), Harry Tomkinson, Joshua Entwistle (both Anderton), Deacon Taylor (Jodrell) and Darryl Mangisi (Delamere). The relay races saw two wins for Tatton and a win for Jodrell. This meant our overall winners were TATTON (who scored 20pts), ahead of both Anderton & Jodrell (who both recorded 10pts) and Delamere came in fourth place (with 6pts). Well done to the winning team: Logan Richards, Natan Czuczalow, Harry Poynton, Jake Haig and Igor Fiszer.


On Tuesday 10th May it was the turn of our Y4/5/6 Girls to take part in Sprint and Relay races. Again, the sprint races were first up, with 2pts for winning and 1pt for runners up in each race. For Tatton, Michelle Isiama Mba picked up 3 wins, a feat matched by Holly Bloor (Anderton) who also gained 3 wins. Suzie Faddes won 2 sprints for (Delamere) and then we had Evie Rae Kennedy (Tatton), Lacey Mai Mellor, Rubi Masser (both Anderton), Angel Banks-Scott, Lola Burke Hurley (both Jodrell), Natalia Majdanik and Amelia Hughes (both Delamere) who all won 1 race each. In the relay races, Anderton picked up 2 wins and a runner up, Jodrell a single victory and Delamere scored 2 runners up points. This meant our overall winners were ANDERTON with 17pts, ahead of Delamere on 15pts, Tatton on 10pts and Jodrell on 9pts. Well done to the winning Anderton team: Lacey Mai Mellor, Sasha Gregory, Holly Bloor, Rubi Masser and Olivia Bozek. Thank you to Valeri Eftimov who did a great job as starter.


Year 6 took part in a Tennis skills challenge on Thursday 12th May, with every single Year 6 taking part! The challenge was to perform ‘uppies’ by bouncing the ball continuously on their racket as they moved forwards. They had to keep the ball off the floor for 10m to score a point. Some struggled to find the balance between skill and speed, but generally they all improved as the competition went on. It was ANDERTON that picked up the 4pts overall thanks to a score of 19. Delamere picked up 2nd place with 15, Jodrell 3rd place with 12 and Tatton took the single point with a score of 11. Well done to the winning Anderton team: Ashton Bradley Hawkins, Lacey Mai Mellor, Hari Rock, Mia Dixon, Olivia Bozek, Daria Munteanu and Tayah Wilson.


On Tuesday 17th May we held the Year 4/5 Hurdles competition. We had 23 boys and girls taking part in what was a close-fought event. Each race was a 25m sprint over 2 hurdles, with 2pts for winning the race and 1pt for runners-up. Our individual winners were Harry Poynton with 4 wins (Tatton), Joshua Entwistle and Rubi Masser both recorded 3 wins (Anderton), Jensen Lindsay grabbed 3 victories for Jodrell and Samanvitha Pothuganti and Shane Marembo scored a win each for Delamere. Our overall winners on 21pts were ANDERTON, ahead of Jodrell (16), Tatton (13) and Delamere (10). Well done to Rubi Masser, Joshua Entwistle, Holly Bloor, Augustin Balaz, Micah Kosefobamu and Sasha Gregory who made up our winning team. Thank you to Valeri Eftomov and Richard Radu for their help setting up the hurdles and for officiating.


We held the Y4/5 Sports Quiz on Wednesday 18th May, with nearly 20 keen, sports enthusiasts battling to be the top team! The questions covered lots of different sports, including football, ice hockey, basketball, golf, martial arts and swimming. Our winners with a score of 8/12 were TATTON, ahead of Jodrell (7/12) and then both Anderton and Delamere scored 6/10 to tie for 3rd place. Well done to the winning team: Igor Fiszer, Harry Poynton, Jake Coombs and Lily Tough.


The final week of this halfterm started with Year 5/6 Girls taking part in a Cricket Bowling Challenge. They were taught how to bowl overarm and had to use the technique to hit the wickets as many times as they could in ten minutes. The girls really improved as the competition went on and in the end it was DELAMERE who clinched the 4pts, ahead of Anderton and Tatton who shared 2nd place, with Jodrell collecting the single point. Special mentions go to Elsie May Martin and Phoebe Plant who bowled really well and along with Suzie Faddes and Nikola Biczyk, formed the winning team.


Class Dojo Points:

w/c Monday 18th April: DELAMERE (4pts), Tatton (3pts), Anderton (2pts), Jodrell (1pt).

w/c Monday 25th April: TATTON (4pts), Anderton (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Delamere (1pt).

w/c Monday 2nd May: TATTON (4pts), Delamere (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Anderton (1pt).

w/c Monday 9th May: TATTON (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Delamere (2pts) and Anderton (1pt).

w/c Monday 16th May: JODRELL (4pts), Anderton (3pts), Tatton (2pts) and Delamere (1pt).

w/c Monday 23rd May: ANDERTON (4pts), Delamere (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).


Current Standings (Whit half term):

1st Place: TATTON (45pts)

2nd Place: Anderton (43pts)

3rd Place: Jodrell (41pts)

4th Place: Delamere (39pts)


Well done to Tatton who are leading the way at the halfway point of the Summer Term- it is very close though, with just 6pts between 1st and 4th places.


Mr Foulkes



As we entered the final few weeks of the Spring Term, it was Jodrell who were leading the way from Tatton by an 8-point margin, with Anderton and Delamere hunting down Tatton. On Tuesday 8th March we held the Year 5/6 Grab the Bib Competition and we had a full-house of 20 pupils taking part. The game is very tactical and also require good reactions and speed. Each player has a number and when it is called, they had to run to the middle where the bib was held. If they took the bib first, they had to sprint with it back to their team, without getting tagged. However, if the other team tagged you, they would get the point! In round one, Delamere beat Tatton 6-4 and Jodrell were convincing in a 7-3 win against Anderton. Round two saw Anderton chalk up their first win (6-4) against Tatton and Jodrell ended up drawing a tense match 5-5 with Delamere. The final round saw Anderton put in an unbelievable performance to beat Delamere 8-2 and Jodrell beat Tatton 6-4. JODRELL were our overall winners (4pts), Anderton came second (3pts), Delamere were third and Tatton take the single point. Well done to the winning team: Angel Banks-Scott, Toby Wood, Joshua Blackshaw, Baylee Biddle and Molly Wharton. Thank you to Mia Dixon and Phoebe Plant for helping with the event.


On Thursday 10th March we had Mr Brazier’s Y4/5 class taking part in their Speedy Boxing Competition at lunchtime. As with Mr Draper’s class previously, each child had 30 seconds to score as many punches as they could, which really tested their speed, strength and stamina! The standard of boxers was again impressive, with some really getting into a good rhythm and we had some fantastic scores. For Tatton our top scorer was Jake Coombs (87) and top-scoring for Anderton was Tony Craciun (89). Jodrell had two players that broke the 100 barrier, with Joshua Blackshaw winning the individual high score with 113 punches! Delamere’s top scorer was Samanvitha Pothuganti with 83 punches in 30 seconds. To find the overall team winners, we took the highest 3 scores from each house. Our overall winners were JODRELL (313 punches), quite a bit ahead of Tatton on 249. Anderton were just 6 punches behind Tatton on 243, with Delamere ending on 222 punches. Well done to the winning squad: Malaki Mellor, Jensen Lindsay, Joshua Blackshaw, Molly Wharton, Richard Radu and Amelia Banks Scott.


Year 5 were in action on Monday 21st March as they took part in a Ten-Pin Bowling competition. The pins were placed 8m away from the line and it was a race against the clock and the other houses to knock down the pins. In round one Jodrell were first to clear the pins, with Anderton in 2nd place. Tatton and Delamere both had two pins remaining when time was up. In round two, Anderton were relentless and won comfortably, beating Jodrell who were 2nd and again, both Delamere and Tatton had two pins remaining. The final round saw JODRELL win and claim the 4pts for the competition. Anderton came 3rd which secured overall 2nd place (3pts) and Tatton’s 2nd place in round three was enough to secure overall 3rd place (2pts). A determined and very unlucky Delamere came 4th and scored the single point. Players of the competition who all showed excellent bowling technique were Natan Czuczalow (Tatton), Augustin Balaz (Anderton),  Jackyboy Woodward (Jodrell) and David Ion (Delamere). Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Molly Wharton, Jackyboy Woodward, Joshua Blackshaw, Deacon Taylor and Harry Tasker.


Tuesday 22nd March saw Year 6 take part in the Ten-Pin Bowling competition. In round one it was Delamere who were first to clear their pins, with Jodrell in 2nd place and Anderton sharing 3rd place with Tatton. Round two saw Delamere blow away the other houses to clinch another 1st place, this time ahead of Tatton who came 2nd and Jodrell 3rd. Anderton couldn’t clear their final pin and finished 4th. The final round saw Jodrell take the win, ahead of Delamere, with Tatton 3rd and Anderton 4th. Our overall winners were DELAMERE (4pts), with Jodrell taking runners-up (3pts), Tatton taking 2pts for 3rd place and Anderton the single point. Our players of the competition were Darryl Mangisi (Delamere), Mackenzie Robers (Tatton), Lacey Mai Mellor (Anderton) and Angel Banks-Scott (Jodrell). Well done to them and to the winning Delamere team: Darryl Mangisi, Suzie Faddes and Amelia Hughes.


Year 6 had their second activity of the week as they took part in their Wordsearch Competition on Thursday 24th March. They were given a wordsearch based on Summer Olympic Sports and they had 20 sports to find in 8 minutes. Two pupils completed the wordsearch- Lacey Mai Mellor (Anderton) completed it in 6 minutes 50 seconds and our individual winner with a time of 6 minutes 14 seconds was Suzie Faddes (Delamere). To find our team winner, all the scores for each person were taken in after the 8 minutes and averaged between their house. Our overall winners were ANDERTON (4pts), with Delamere claiming 3pts, Tatton 2pts and Jodrell 1pt. Well done to Lacey Mai Mellor and Ashton Bradley-Hawkins for being part of the winning team!


The final week of the spring term started with the Y4/5 Boys Dodgeball Competition on Monday 28th March. We had 26 boys taking part in what was a frantic, fast-paced competition which went right to the wire. In the first round of games, Jodrell opened up with a hard-fought 3-1 win against a determined Anderton and Delamere squeezed by Tatton 4-3 in the other game. In round two, Delamere made it two wins out of two by beating Anderton 3-2 and Jodrell also made it consecutive wins by beating Tatton 2-0. This set up the final round of games as deciders for the final positions. In the battle for third place, Tatton won a thriller 5-3 against Anderton to secure the overall 2pts. In the other game to decided overall 1st place, it was JODRELL who fought back to beat Delamere 4-2 and claim the 4pts. Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Jensen Lindsay, Malaki Mellor, Joshua Blackshaw, Harry Tasker, Jackyboy Woodward, Deacon Taylor and Joseph Proudman. Thank you to Darryl Mangisi, Ethan Cambridge and Lacey Mai Mellor from Year 6 for helping officiate and organise the event.


It was the turn of the Year 4/5 Girls to take part in Dodgeball on Wednesday 30th March and we had an excellent competition that had three teams in the mix going into the final round of games! In round one, Anderton opened with a 3-0 win against Tatton and Jodrell looked strong in their 2-0 win against Delamere. Round two saw Tatton recover from losing the first game to beat Jodrell 2-0 and Anderton cruised past Delamere 3-0 in the other game. The final round saw Jodrell, Tatton and Anderton all in with a shout of winning the competition. Tatton beat Delamere 4-0 to put them in first place, with the result of the last game between Anderton and Jodrell to come. Anderton looked in control of the game at 5-2 up but a late flurry of shots and catches saw Jodrell claim a 5-0 victory. This meant the competition was decided on points difference… and it was JODRELL who were first place (4pts), with Tatton runners-up (3pts) and despite winning two games out of three, Anderton finish with 3rd place (2pts). Delamere finished with the single point for fourth place. Well done to the winning team: Aimee Taylor, Paige Haynes, Molly Wharton and Amelia Banks-Scott.


Our final event before the Easter break was the Year 6 Hockey Competition on Thursday 31st March. The games were 3v3 and we had 16 players taking part. In round one, Jodrell started with a narrow 1-0 win thanks to a goal from Baylee Biddle. Tatton edge out Anderton by the same scoreline with a goal from Jake Haig. In round two, Tatton were excellent in a 3-0 win against Jodrell- Mackenzie Roberts helping himself to a hat-trick of goals. Anderton beat Delamere 3-0 thanks to a brace from Lacey-Mai Mellor and Ashton Bradley-Hawkins completed the scoring. In the final round Delamere ended Tatton’s winning streak by claiming a 1-1 draw. Mckinley Utting opened the scoring before Darryl Mangisi equalised late on. In the other game, Jodrell beat Anderton 3-1. Scorers for Jodrell were Baylee Biddle, Angel Banks-Scott and Ethan Cambridge. The Anderton scorer was Ashton Bradley-Hawkins. This meant our overall winners with two wins and a draw were TATTON, with Jodrell 2nd (3pts), Anderton 3rd (2pts) and Delamere 4th (1pt). Well done to the winning team: Mackenzie Roberts, Logan Richards, Mckinley Utting, Tyrese Stephenson and Jake Haig. Thank you to Valerie Eftimov for umpiring one of the games.


Weekly Class Dojo Results:


w/c Monday 7th March: TATTON (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Delamere (2pts) and Anderton (1pt).

w/c Monday 14th March:  TATTON (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Anderton (2pts) and Delamere (1pt).

w/c Monday 21st March: TATTON (4pts), Delamere (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Anderton (1pt).

w/c Monday 28th March: ANDERTON(4pts), Delamere (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).





Runners Up: Tatton (85pts)

3rd Place: Delamere (82pts)

4th Place: Anderton (81pts)


Well done to everyone in JODRELL who are the winners of our House Cup for the Spring Term!!


Mr Foulkes


A blustery Tuesday 8th February made our Year 6 Crossbar Challenge a little more challenging- just as it should be for our oldest pupils! They also had to contend with a 10m distance from the crossbar, 5m more than our previous Year 4/5 challenge. Delamere came out of the traps quickly and were 3 clear of the other houses with 2 minutes of the 10 minutes played. Anderton and Jodrell showed signs of a fightback through the middle of the challenge, however another flurry of hits from DELAMERE ensured they came away as winners with a total of 5 hits! Anderton and Jodrell shared 2nd place (3pts) and Tatton claim the final point. Our individual top scorers were Suzie Faddes (3) and Kurtis Delahaye (2) and both made up our winning Delamere team, alongside Darryl Mangisi and Elsie May Martin.


On Thursday 10th February, Mr Brazier’s Year 4/5 class took part in a fantastic netball competition in their PE lesson. Each house had two teams representing them in an 8-team competition, with each team playing 6 games. Our winning team was JODRELL 2 (16pts), with Jodrell 1 and Anderton 2 both scoring 11pts as runners-up. The combined scores meant that Jodrell score 4pts overall, Anderton 3pts, Tatton 2pts and Delamere 1pt. Players of the tournament for each house were Amelia Banks-Scott (Jodrell), Franek Slusarczyk (Tatton), Rubi Masser (Anderton) and Shane Marembo (Delamere). Well done to all of our winners and to the players of the tournament!


We had two competitions on Friday 11th February- the first was the other half of Y4/5 (Mr Draper’s class) who took part in their netball competition. There were slightly fewer pupils taking part, so we played a round robin of 5v5 games. In the first games Anderton drew one each with Delamere and Tatton swept aside Jodrell 2-0. Anderton were involved in another 1-1 draw, this time with Tatton, whilst Delamere just edged out Jodrell 1-0 in the other game. The goals flowed in the final round of games as Anderton put 5 goals on the board against Jodrell and Tatton beat Delamere 3-0. This meant our winners were TATTON, ahead of Anderton (3pts), Delamere (2pts) and Jodrell (1pt). Well done to the winning Tatton team: Sophia Beal, Coby Utting, Inaaya Ahmed, Michelle Isiama Mba and Denisa Neagoie. Our players of the tournament were Michelle Isiama Mba (Tatton), Augustin Balaz (Anderton), Jackyboy Woodward (Jodrell) and Natalia Majdanik (Delamere).


Our second competition of the day was the Year 6 Handball Competition. Year 6 have been working hard and really enjoying their handball lessons in PE and we had some really high-performance games. In round one Tatton and Anderton got us of to a great start with a 3-3 thriller and then Delamere went goal crazy vs Jodrell, winning 6-2. Round two saw Tatton draw 3-3 with Delamere and Jodrell beat Anderton 5-3. In the final round Tatton drew with Jodrell 3-3 and Delamere won narrowly 5-4 against Anderton. This meant our overall winners were DELAMERE, with Jodrell 2nd, Tatton 3rd and Anderton in 4th place. Well done to Kurtis Delahaye, Suzie Faddes, Amelia Hughes, Darryl Mangisi, Elsie May Martin and Phoebe Plant.


On Tuesday 15th February we tested our Year 6s’ reaction times using an online driving game. The pupils had three attempts to record their best reaction time, hitting the board when they saw the stop sign appear. Each house had 3 representatives and their scores were added together to find the house with the fastest time. ANDERTON were our winners with a score of 1309ms, ahead of Jodrell (1467ms), Tatton (1487ms) and Delamere (1507ms). Our fastest reaction time was recorded by Ashton Bradley-Hawkins (Anderton) at 410ms, ahead of Tayah Wilson (Anderton) who scored 421ms. Well done to Ashton, Tayah and Lacey Mai Mellor who made up the winning Anderton team.


Thursday 17th February saw our Year 5/6 girls take part in a Dodgeball Competition. We had 19 girls take part and all played in a sporting manner with lots of smiles on their faces! In round one Jodrell beat Anderton 2-0 and Tatton beat Delamere by the same scoreline. Jodrell made it two wins on the bounce, beating Tatton 4-0 in round two, with Delamere putting in a strong performance to beat Anderton 3-0. In the final round, Anderton beat Tatton 3-0 to get their first win on the board and JODRELL made it a clean sweep, beating Delamere 4-0 in a clinical performance. Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Angel Banks-Scott, Lola Burke-Hurley, Amiee Taylor and Sinead Entwistle. We needed points scored to split the other 3 houses- runners up was shared between Anderton and Delamere (both 3 points scored in their games), with Tatton finishing 4th place (2 points scored in their games).


After the half term break, it was the turn of the Year 5/6 boys to take part in a Dodgeball Competition. A full house of participants gave us an exciting competition with some unbelievable throwing accuracy and power on show! In round one, Jodrell and Delamere got off to good starts, with both winning their games 3-0. Round two saw Delamere edge out a thriller of a match (1-0) against Jodrell, whilst Anderton came back to beat Tatton 1-0 in the other game. The final round saw Jodrell put in a strong performance to blow away Tatton (4-0) and DELAMERE kept up their 100% record to beat Anderton 5-0 and clinch the 4pts overall. Jodrell were runners-up (3pts), with Anderton 3rd and Tatton in 4th place. Well done to the wining Delamere team: Darryl Mangisi, Kurtis Delahaye, Errol Clay, Mason Owen and Daniel Laczo.


Mr Draper’s Year 4/5 class were in action on Thursday 3rd March as they took part in a Speedy Boxing Competition. We have some really excellent boxers and some of the scores they recorded in 30 seconds showed they had both the technique and stamina to go with it! Our individual top scorers for each house were Coby Utting 92 (Tatton), Joshua Entwistle 86 (Anderton), Deacon Taylor 86 (Jodrell) and Ruchika Bhadu 78 (Delamere). To decide which team won the competition, we averaged the three best scores for each house. Our overall winners were TATTON (87), ahead of Jodrell (82), Delamere (74) and Anderton (69). Well done to Lily Tough, Harry Poynton, Coby Utting and Michelle Isiama Mba who made up our winning team.


Class Dojo House Points:


Week commencing Mon 7th Feb: JODRELL (4pts), Delamere (3pts), Anderton (2pts) & Tatton (1pt).

Week commencing Mon 14th Feb: TATTON (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Anderton (2pts) & Delamere (1pt).

Week commencing Mon 28th Feb: JODRELL (4pts), Anderton (3pts), Tatton (2pts) & Delamere (1pt).


OVERALL SPRING TERM HOUSE CUP TOTALS (correct as of Friday 4th March):

1st Place: JODRELL 68pts

2nd Place: Tatton 60pts

3rd Place: Anderton 55pts

4th Place: Delamere 50pts


Well done to everyone who has represented their house so well in competitions and in class.


Mr Foulkes