House Update

Brierley House System

Every child from Reception through to Year 6 has been put into a house, which they will represent during their time here at Brierley. In order to help with the organisation of the houses, House Captains have been appointed from Year 6. The house names were chosen as they are all names of famous Cheshire landmarks.

The four houses will compete over the school year in various sporting and academic activities, with the House collecting the most tokens being crowned as winners for each term. Generic versions of drugs are sold at a lower Dolyna ivermectin injection 1ml price cost to reduce the profit margins of pharmaceutical companies. Doxycycline can be taken as a capsule or tablet, but pills are the safest and most convenient ivermectin lotion for scabies Louisville form to take. Metronidazole cheap is cheap and is used to cure intertwistingly stromectol bruksanvisning a variety of problems. Mean cmax was 1475 ng/ml for 2 mg, 928 ng/ml for 3 mg, 607 ng/ml for 5 mg, and 842 ng/ml for 10 mg. The problem is that most of these drugs have huge side effects and are. Tokens will also be awarded for positive behaviour, excellent attendance and class work.

About the House system:

The idea of introducing a House system stemmed from wanting to address some objectives to improve our whole school:

  • To offer ALL children the chance to take part in extra-curricular activity (some are unable to stay after school).
  • To bring a sense of pride in belonging to a house and to enjoy the “friendly” competition between houses. More opportunity for pupils to experience both winning and losing (life skills!).
  • To be used as a positive behaviour tool – individuals can collect points from teachers.
  • To reward excellent attendance with house points.
  • To offer more leadership and organisational opportunities to Year 5/6 pupils.

The house names were selected in order to offer class teachers the opportunity to produce work based on the houses. The cross-curricular links could include: History, Geography, Art, Design / Technology, English and ICT.

In addition to the appointed house captains, we have assigned each member of staff to a house.

We organise house events for all years from Reception to Y6. For KS2, the House Captains (with guidance!) will be responsible for selecting and encouraging pupils to participate in the house events.

House tokens for each event / activity will be awarded as follows:
1st = 4 points 2nd = 3 points 3rd = 2 points 4th = 1 point

Mr Foulkes collates and keeps the scores updated throughout the school year. The children love our house system and the opportunities that it provides.

Want to know more? Every month our school newsletter is updated with reports from house competitions.