Welcome to Year 2 & 3!

Meet the team:


Mrs Cunningham
Miss Byford
Miss Garton
Mr Fletcher

Support Staff
Miss Roberts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Miss Taylor
Mrs Proudman

Year 2/3 consists of 2 classes although teachers and support staff work across both classes throughout the day. Our year group author is ‘Mini Grey’ and we have enjoyed reading many of her books. We are looking forward to a jam-packed, fun filled year of learning.

Warmest wishes,

Year 2/3



Each child has been provided with a new homework folder with their names clearly labelled on them. We encourage them to look after and take care of these folders as they will need them throughout the school year. Each week, children will have a piece of maths and a piece of reading homework sent out on a Tuesday which will be due in the following Monday.

In addition to this, we will send out a project homework sheet which will be based about the curriculum subjects. This will provide children with the opportunity to be more creative with their homework choices. On the sheet will be six different project options. Children will need to choose and complete two of these projects in a set number of weeks (usually 4/5 weeks)

Reading is an essential part learning and it underpins progress in other areas of the curriculum, namely maths and English. Therefore, daily reading for 5/10 minutes per night is part of our homework. Each child has a reading diary which they will bring home with a reading book each night. Please read with your child and encourage them to talk about the text in order to develop their comprehension. Please sign their reading diary daily to let the team know you have read with your child.



  • Please make sure your child is wearing the correct, labelled uniform. This include appropriate footwear.
  • PE will be taught on Tuesday’s, Thursday and Friday’s although it is important that children’s PE kits are in school all week in case they have a sports after school club or there are any timetable changes.
  • Children are permitted to wear earrings but only small, plain studs (no sleepers). On PE days children should not wear any earrings unless they can remove them themselves for the lesson.
  • Long hair must be kept tied back.
  • If you wish for your child to have snack in the week, please  pay for this online via ‘schoolmoney’
  • Year 3 parents will need to pay online via ‘schoolmoney’ if your child is having school dinners (Please see the office staff if you require help with this)