Dear Parents,
Firstly we would like to say a big hello and welcome back to school. We know that for some of you it has been a long time since your child/children were last in school but please don’t worry or feel anxious – we have lots in place to ensure everyone is as safe and happy as possible. This includes lots of lovely activities planned and although we have lots of learning to do there will certainly be plenty of opportunities for them to talk and catch up with their teachers and class-mates too. We can’t wait to have a good old natter with them and we hope they are as excited to be back in school as we are!

Reading every day is very important but – due to COVID restrictions – we will be unable to check diaries every day. Therefore, we will be collecting reading books and diaries on a Friday and returning them to you on a Monday once they have been checked. We will continue to read with your child regularly in school and will be keeping our own reading logs to track their progress. Please read with your child each day and write comments in their diaries so that we can see how they are getting on at home. Over the weekend, the focus will be on reading for pleasure which means that your child may choose to read books from home rather than their levelled reading book.

With regards to homework, your child’s first piece of homework will be handed out on Friday 11th September. Each week, your child will receive reading and maths homework along with a writing task. This will be on paper and will be in a homework folder. There will be two homework folders so that when one has been collected in, a different folder will be sent home. There will also be a handwriting book to practise handwriting in (again there will be two of these books) and on one week there will be a curriculum based project whilst the alternate weeks there will be online activities to complete.

Year 6 PE day is Friday. Your child must attend school on these days in their full PE kit: plain blue shorts or navy joggers with white t-shirt, pumps or trainers, no jewellery, long hair tied back, a Brierley jumper or cardigan and a coat.

In class we will be kick-starting our new term with a fantastic book called ‘The Errand – The Warlock on the Hill’. The children will focus on descriptive writing and develop their art skills to sketch in the style of the book’s illustrator. In history we will be learning about World War I and this will be reflected in our English and reading sessions where we will focus on a variety of brilliant books linked to the war, including ‘Armistice Runner’ and ‘One Boy’s War’. In RE we will be focusing on values, whilst in science we will be learning about living things. In maths we will begin with place value and recapping our mental maths skills, including rapid recall of all times tables. This is just a brief snapshot of what we will be up to as it will be a busy and fun term in Year 6. 😊

General reminders:
• You are following the white spots for Year 6.
• School begins at 8:30-8:45am
• School ends at 3:20pm

You must bring a named and filled water bottle each day, a school bag to carry your bottle, reading book and diary, homework, snack (optional) and lunch box (if you are not school dinners) but please don’t bring any extra items in from home.

Please bring in your own pencil-case with your own set of equipment to use in class.
Year 6 equipment includes:
• Black handwriting pens (no gel pens or biros)
• HB pencils
• 15cm ruler
• Sharpener

Optional Equipment:
• Maths Sets
• Whiteboard pen
• Coloured pencils
• Glue sticks
• Highlighters

As you know, we love a good natter but unfortunately due to COVID restrictions this won’t be able to happen as normal. At the beginning and end of the school days we will be around to wave hello and see children in and out of school but our focus will be to ensure all children enter and exit school safely so please don’t think we are ignoring you! We are still available to contact via email and when we are not teaching, we will be sure to reply as soon as we can.

Kindest regards,

The Year 6 Team