School Trips and Visits

Trips and Visits are an important part of our curriculum. We are so lucky to be so close to Crewe town centre and its history.

On entry to the school, parents are asked to give blanket permission for their children to be involved in local walking trips. When trips are further afield, parents will be asked for permission for their child to travel by coach, bus or train. When transport costs or entry fees are involved, parent s will be asked to contribute to the cost of the trip as well as give permission for their child to take part.

We want all children to be able to take part in these valuable experiences and if there are reasons why a parent may not be able to meet the full contribution, please speak, in confidence, to the trip organiser or, if preferred, Miss Farrington, our school bursar.

Recent trips have included:
Crewe Railway Station
Delamere Forest
Astbury Mere
Roman Museum, Chester
Reaseheath Zoo
Knowsley safari park
The Science Museum
Theatres, including Crewe Lyceum

Volunteer Helpers

Occasionally, additional adults are required to accompany trips. On these occasions teachers will ask for volunteers. If, as often happens in the Infants and EYFS, there are more offers than needed, most teachers will pick names out of a hat. If, as often happens with the older children, there are not enough offers, teachers will come begging!

Residential Trips

As any parent of a Scout or Brownie will know, residential trips do wonders for a child’s confidence, resilience and independence.

At Brierley we aim to build up confidence through residential trips:

Each year we take our Year 6 children on a two night, three day residential. This year we went to Colomendy, Wales. The children enjoyed activities such as: zipwire, caving and archery. They had a fabulous time!