At Brierley Primary School, every child matters. All staff provide a safe, secure and accessible learning environment where each child is valued and their individuality celebrated. Inclusion at our school recognises a child’s right to a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum appropriate to their individual abilities, talents and personal qualities.

Inclusion Quality Mark

In March 2015 we achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark; the inspector was impressed by the children and the dedication of the staff Please take the time to read a summary from her report:

Summary Comments for Pupils

A big thank you to the pupils of Brierley Primary School. You love to take care of your school and your pride is very clear. You are ready to help each other and know exactly what and how to get help for yourself when you need it. You are so ready and happy to welcome visitors … like myself … and I wish I could have stayed longer with you all. You enjoy everything here and know that you are in a very special place. Being a pupil here must be wonderful! Thank you very much for your readiness to talk to me and for your friendship that you confidently offer.

The Self Evaluation Report is comprehensive and reflects the capacity of this school to build its Inclusive values still further. The holistic journey of inclusion is a clear and vital energy of all staff in Brierley.

My recommendation is that this school not only be granted IQM accreditation but that it moves to Centre of Excellence status. This is to be supported by the production of a three year action plan based on the identified and agreed development points as well as the Future Plans identified by the school itself, within each of the 8 Elements. The action plan should reflect the school’s determination to respond to the challenge and expectation of COE status. The action will then be reviewed after one year. The development points are offered in an advisory capacity and not meant to be slavishly actioned. It is hoped that the school will prioritise some areas and build steadily through the year to the first review.

Assessor: Dr Wendy Daley

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