Special Education Needs

Brierley Primary is proud to be a warm and welcoming school where we value the uniqueness of everyone and work with our community to develop the full potential of every child. All staff provide a safe, secure and accessible learning environment where each child is valued and their individuality celebrated. Inclusion at our school recognises a child’s right to, and provides for, a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum appropriate to their individual abilities, talents and personal qualities. We are committed to making our best endeavours to meet the special educational needs of pupils, ensuring that they achieve the best possible education. Every teacher is a teacher of every child, including those with SEND. We identify all children across the school that need special consideration to support their physical, social, emotional or intellectual development.

If any child has additional needs, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO), in consultation with teaching staff, parent and child will formulate plan to meet the child’s needs. These plans and the needs of individual child are regularly reviewed and modified where necessary with consultation with parents, child and outside agencies if necessary. Sometimes, this plan may be developed, as a means of providing the right kind of help within a specific focus. The teachers at this school are committed to providing a curriculum to match the range of learning needs in every class. However, it is sometimes beneficial for a child to spend some time with a teacher or teaching assistant on a one-to-one basis, outside the classroom context. This is not done on an ad-hoc basis, but as part of a carefully designed programme of support. Parents are kept fully involved in this process.

We also acknowledge that some children are exceptionally ‘gifted’ and we will encourage them to develop their potential.

Mrs Bridgett is the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCO) at Brierley Primary School. Mrs Bridgett organises support for children from across the school that need extra support with aspects of their learning and development. This work is in addition to the interventions being carried out by teachers and our experienced teaching assistants.


We have committed to a programme of interventions at Brierley that offers additional support to children on an individual basis to ensure they are able to achieve to the best of their ability.

A number of our interventions are nationally accredited including:
Fisher Family Trust Wave 3 Literacy
Maths Stars
Speech and Language (ELCLAN)

ECaR & Switch-on Literacy

We have a trained ‘ECaR’ (Every Child a Reader) teacher in school, who is trained in the ‘Reading Recovery’ approach. We also have a fully trained teacher and three teaching assistances trained in a new reading and writing intervention called Switch-on. Both ECaR and Switch-on offer significant help to our least able readers which, in most cases, results in a dramatic improvement in their progress.


EAL(English as an Additional Language)

At Brierley we have a number of different cultures. We have staff in school that support some of our Eastern European families and help them to settle into school. Our teaching and support staff work especially hard to make sure we differentiate the work for each child.

Please find our Local Offer here

If you have any worries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Bridgett for an informal chat: rhulse@brierley.cheshire.sch.uk

Roles and Responsibilities:


Job Title


Mrs Bridgett


Designated Safeguarding


To liaise with teachers, with external agencies and to co-ordinate action plans, full overall responsibility for children in school.
         Mrs C McIntosh Headteacher To oversee the whole school development of SEN provision.

 Mrs Cunningham

Assistant Head and Designated Safeguarding Co- Leader To oversee the whole school development of SEN provision.

   Mrs S. Copeland


Governor To work in conjunction with SEN co-ordinator as governor with specific responsibility for SEN.