Safeguarding and Child Protection

As a school we are passionate about keeping our children safe. We have a trained and designated Child Protection teacher who has the responsibility for day to day child protection issues in school.

Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Bridgett are the designated Child Protection Officers and are supported by the deputy team (Mrs McIntosh, Mrs Faddes and Mrs Walker) who have been trained in Child Protection matters.

Mrs McIntosh has the overall responsibility of Child Protection and Safeguarding within school.

The school has a Child Protection policy that is intended to ensure that all children are protected. The policy is available here.

What do I do if I have a concern about a child’s welfare?

We are all responsible for the well-being of the children in our community. Our school operates a whistle-blowing policy for all staff and volunteers. Children do not differentiate between adults in school; their teacher or a volunteer parent for example may carry the same status as a teacher. If you have a concern about a child’s welfare it is important that you speak to one of the designated adults in school. They may ask you to write down or dictate your concerns so we have an accurate record. Designated staff then take full responsibility for following up with any further actions. All concerns are treated with utmost confidentiality. The Whistleblowing policy is available here.

What about concerns in the community?

It takes a whole village to raise a child. African Proverb

All adults in a community bear some responsibility for keeping children safe, from driving carefully and slowly where children play to noticing when children may be in danger, in their home or community. Sometimes adults living in the community have concerns regarding a child’s welfare which are not apparent in school. Safeguarding requires adults in a community to put the safety and well-being of children above any personal reluctance interfere or the rights of other adults and their privacy. The Social Care Access Team will talk through concerns in a professional and confidential manner. Alternatively the designated teacher in school can support adults in the community with their concerns.


Thinkuknow is a programme to help protect children both online and offline. Watch the video to find out more on how to stay safe.

Hidden Harm

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