The Spring term signaled a new House Cup Competition, with reigning Champions Delamere out to defend their crown.

Monday 13th January – Year 5/6 Hockey Skills Competition
We had 4 players from each house taking part in a range of dribbling races and games to challenge their accuracy. There were some very good Hockey players on show and therefore the level of the competition was high. The two most common forms of Asnières-sur-Seine arthritis are those of the joints and the bones known as osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative arthritis). Please be assured that Haicheng you will not be disappointed upon ordering cialis online, as the purchase process is secure and protected by our industry leading security technologies. What a pleasure it was to meet someone with whom i could share my life, unvirtuously bird ivermectin my experiences, my fears, my concerns. Donovani* is a widely distributed causative agent of visceral leishmaniasis, known as kala-azar or kala-azar fever. The drug (ivermectin tablet doggishly ivermectin 12 mg tablet formula for treating ectoparasites) also. JODRELL were a cut above the rest though as they scored 26pts overall to take 1st place. Delamere gave them a run for their money in 2nd place, with Anderton in 3rd place and Tatton collecting the single point. Well done to the winning team: Harvey Lindsay, Adam Wright, Denzel Lisboa and Gracjan Marcinkowski.

Weednesday 15th January – Year 3/4 Netball Passing Competition
Each team of 4/5 have to pass their ball at speed around a rectangle as many times as they could in 2 minutes. We then finished with a passing race where they had to start again if they dropped the ball. Round one was really tight with Tatton and Jodrell both scoring 7pts and then Anderton and Delamere scored 9pts each in round two. The final round really showed off their skills as there was some excellent, accurate passing and quick pivots on show. Delamere won the final race, ahead of Tatton in 2nd place. Our overall winners were JODRELL who scored 20pts, ahead of Tatton (17pts), Anderton (16pts) and Delamere (14pts). Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Amy Taylor, Jackyboy Woodward, Harry Tasker, Joshua Blackshaw and Molly Wharton. Thank you to Denzel Lisboa, Samuel Goodall and Ethan Rogers for helping to officiate.

Friday 17th January – Year 5/6 Musical Chairs
There was great enthusiasm from the pupils with 24 taking part! The competition was high energy, as the pupils had to jog around the line of chairs and could not ‘turn back’ for a chair if they had gone past one. After each game, 2 chairs were taken away until we were left with a final 4. In the first match it was Bartosz Babula (Tatton) who claimed 1st place, ahead of Harvey Lindsay (Jodrell) and Rebecca Ivey (Delamere) in third. In the 2nd round we had a different top three, with Oliver Thompson (Anderton) winning, Leah Rose Ollier (Delamere) coming 2nd and Aaliyah Wilkinson grabbing another couple of points for Anderton in 3rd. Overall it was ANDERTON who won with a total of 6, ahead of Delamere (5), Tatton (4) and Jodrell (3). Well done to Anderton and to all who took part and played the game in a fun, sporting manner!

Wednesday 22nd January – Year 4/5 Netball Shooting Competition
Each house played against each other on a round-robin basis with the challenge of trying to score as many goals as possible in each 3 minute game. In round one, Tatton beat Anderton 5-4 in a thriller of a match and Ethan Cambridge inspired Jodrell to a 5-3 win against Delamere. In round two a couple of goals from Taylor Jay Mellor were enough for Delamere to beat Anderton and some fine shooting from Oliwier Pluta and Mckinley Utting gave Tatton a 4-1 win against Jodrell. The final round had everything still to play for and Joshua Watling (Delamere) was in excellent form against Tatton to help them to a 3-1 win. In the other match Anderton saw off Jodrell 3-1. This meant we needed goal difference to split teams for 1st place and 3rd place. Our overall winners were TATTON, ahead of Delamere who score 3pts, Anderton in third (2pts) and Jodrell finish with 1pt. Well done to the winning TATTON team: Oliwier Pluta, Nathaniel Isiama Mba, Mckinley Utting, Handsome Evans and Tyrese Stephenson.

Thursday 23rd January – Year 5/6 Netball High 5 Competition
We had a full compliment of 20 players taking part in the round robin tournament. In round one, Jodrell just edged out Delamere 1-0 thanks to a goal from Harvey Lindsay and Tatton were solid in their 2-0 win against Delamere. Round two saw Tatton and Jodrell face off and despite Adam Wright putting Jodrell ahead, they were pinned back by a goal from Bartosz Babula. It took until the final minute to break the deadlock when Skye Haynes scored the winner for Jodrell. In the other match, a single goal from Natan Skorek was enough for Anderton to beat Delamere, who deserved more from the game. The final round saw Tatton record a 2-0 win against Delamere to heap the pressure on Jodrell, however Jodrell were in clinical form and went goal crazy to win 6-0 against Delamere. This meant JODRELL were our winners (4pts), with Tatton in second (3pts), Anderton third (2pts) and Delamere collect the single point. Well done to the winning team: Harvey Lindsay, Skye Haynes, Denzel Lisboa, Adam Wright and Gracjan Marcinkowski.

Tuesday 28th January – Year 3/4 Jenga Competition
This tested their steady hands and tactics in order to win as a team. In the semi-finals, Anderton beat Tatton and Delamere were victorious against Jodrell. Our final and 3/4th playoff were both nervy encounters, with two incredible towers made. Tatton edged out Jodrell to claim 2pts overall and Delamere were our overall winners by beating Anderton to the 4pts. Well done to the winning Delamere team: Elsie May Martin, Nikola Biczyk, Mason Owen and Shane Marembo. Thank you to Denzel Lisboa for helping to officiate the competition.

Wednesday 29th January – Year 4/5 High 5 Netball Competition
In the first round of games Tatton beat Anderton 1-0 thanks to a goal from Louis Bradley and despite their pressure, Jodrell couldn’t find a way past a determined Anderton defense, as the game ended 0-0. In round two, Tatton and Jodrell cancelled each other out in a 0-0 draw and Anderton recovered from losing the first game to win 1-0 against Delamere thanks to a goal from Ashton Bradley-Hawkins. The final round of games saw Jodrell end unbeaten thanks to their 3rd draw (0-0 with Anderton) and Louis Bradley’s goal was enough for Tatton to beat Delamere. Overall TATTON were our winners, with Anderton scoring 3pts, Jodrell 2pts and Delamere 1pt. Well done to the winning team: Nadia Czuczalow, Oliwier Pluta, Louis Bradley, Roksana Konkiewicz and Jake Haig. Thank you to Harvey Lindsay and Denzel Lisboa for officiating.

House Tokens:
W/C Monday 6th Jan: DELAMERE 4pts, Tatton 3pts, Jodrell 2pts and Anderton 1pt.
W/C Monday 13th Jan: DELAMERE 4pts, Jodrell 3pts, Anderton 2pts and Tatton 1pt.
W/C Monday 20th Jan: TATTON 4pts, Jodrell 3pts, Delamere 2pts and Anderton 1pt.
W/C Monday 27th Jan: TATTON 4pts, Jodrell 3pts, Delamere 2pts and Anderton 1pt.

HOUSE CUP TOTALS (Correct as of 03/02/2020):
1st Place: TATTON (31pts)
2nd Place: Jodrell (28pts) & Delamere (28pts)
4th Place: Anderton (23pts)

Well done to Tatton who are our early leaders, but it is fairly tight at the top and there is still all to play for!

Keep earning those tokens!