Welcome to our Emotional Wellbeing Area!

We aim to offer support and advice for parents and our pupils, and some suggestions for activities.

We know that being in isolation and dealing with school closure can be difficult for our children and our parents and carers.  We are mindful that many children will be missing friends, struggling to understand why they cannot leave the home and may be worrying about the virus and it’s impact.

For us, there is nothing more important than our children’s and parent’s wellbeing, by trying to keep them positive and happy during this uncertain time is our priority. We have provided a variety of resources and links below that will support emotional and mental wellbeing for all.

Please keep checking into this area, as we plan to add suggestions and resources as your children’s needs change through the course of any further developments.

Useful Links

Cheshire East Mental Health Information Point

Cheshire East have just launched a mental health information point which contains a range of information and resources that you can use to help overcome any anxieties you may have during this time of uncertainty, including:

  •   self-help techniques to manage symptoms or prevent problems developing or getting worse;

  •   personalised help using a questionnaire to find out what support is available during the Covid-19 crisis;

  •   urgent help from the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership 24/7 mental health support line 0300 303 3972.


NHS Mental Health App Library

The NHS have collected a wide variety of apps that have been assessed, used by and recommended by the NHS. There are a number of different types of apps available depending on the age of user, the needs and whether it is free.


Anxiety UK

AnxietyUK offers free resources on dealing with stress, mindfulness and relaxation.



Mind offers resources and support for children, young people and adults dealing with their emotional wellbeing.


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